/Last Cab To Darwin

Starring Michael Caton, Mark Coles Smith, and Jacki Weaver, Last Cab To Darwin (2015) is a comedy-drama feature held in heart of the Australian Outback.

When Rex, a Broken Hill Cab Driver is advised he doesn’t have long to live, he sets out on an epic journey to Darwin in a bid to die on his own terms. With remote dusty shoot locations, and travelling convoys, our technical team delivered full post production, including remote digital dailies, Avid suite hire, conform, online, grade, and deliverables.

“Last Cab To Darwin, was surrounded by a comradery that allowed our post teams to imaginatively capture an Australian story full of heart & humor”

Jo Tankard / Post Producer, Cutting Edge

Being heavily involved during the pre-production stage, we were called upon to establish the shoot and dailies workflow with the Producers and camera department. With a migratory shoot, dailies were wrangled between remote locations and Sydney. From testing cameras and losing phone and internet connections, Cutting Edge supplied the production team with data wrangling training and technical support.

With editorial, grade, and support the post was completed out of our Sydney suites. Last Cab To Darwin production was surrounded by a camaraderie, that helped the teams to imaginatively capture an Australian story full of heart & humor.



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Last Cab Productions
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Jeremy Sims
Director Of Photography
Steve Arnold
Nathan Mayfield
Tracey Robertson


Post Production
Cutting Edge
Head of Post Production
Marcus Bolton
Post Producer
Jo Tankard
Adrian Hauser
Adrian Hauser


Simon Hicks
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VFX Producer
Simone Clow