/Jesse Franklin


特长于三维摄影机追踪,粒子视觉特效与影像合成的特效总监Jesse进驻在东京分公司,负责日本与亚洲区的专案执行。毕业于 California’s Otis College of Art & Design,Jesse 有他独到的视角与手法来诠释广告影片,电视节目与音乐里的每个特效细节。

Throughout his 16 year career Jesse’s credentials in animation, modeling, motion graphics, lighting, and rendering have seen him deliver for a long list of international clients. Working with Honda, Toyota, PlayStation, Sony, Panasonic and Nike, his diverse skills have additionally been applied to music videos for Gnarles Barkley and Metallica. Likewise, Jesse’s portfolio has seen his work win Emmy Awards for television projects Star Wars Clone Wars (season 5) and Transformers Prime (season 1).