Extraordinary immersive storytelling.

With a 25-year history creating world-class VFX for feature films, television series and advertising, we have the technical and creative grounding that has produced powerful immersive experiences. From 360 video to room scale VR and interactive gamified solutions, Cutting Edge have been delivering augmented reality & virtual reality solutions for clients across advertising, marketing, urban planning & theme park entertainment.

Cutting Edge is an end-to-end immersive content production company. Our capabilities span VR and AR production, high-end VFX, sound, and post-production. Our team collaborates across our state-of-the-art studios in Brisbane, Sydney, and Tokyo delivering high-end solutions at the leading-edge of augmented reality and virtual realities.

Disclaimer: VR is best experienced while wearing an immersive headset. Get in touch with us to see a demonstration of the latest VR content and technology.