/Jensen Toms

CG Supervisor

Jensen has been working in film production for nearly 25 years, and has spent two decades covering diverse VFX disciplines from lighting, compositing to CG supervision. He built his craft at VFX studios MPC, Rising Sun, Weta Digital, Method, and Cinesite before joining Cutting Edge. 

Jensen has built a reputation for seamlessly integrating VFX into footage. As a champion of detail, Jensen’s has been instrumental in the success of over 100 titles. He was a key member of the Oscar-winning teams for Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, and The Golden Compass, as well as the Oscar nominated films Mad Max: Fury Road and Deep Water Horizon. While with Cutting Edge he has been CG Supervisor on titles including Halloween, Peter Rabbit and Swinging Safari.

“The fun part is integrating VFX into the story without the audience even noticing”