CETS left nothing on the field at ‘SAS: Who…

October 23 2020

All stations were a go for the Cutting Edge Technical Services [CETS] crew heading up on-site broadcast, post production and ingest services for Screentime Australia and  Channel 7’s, SAS: Australia production. The Australian franchise of the UK series, SAS: Who Dares Wins is a reality TV show where seventeen celebrities, athletes and stars are challenged to complete SAS selection course training. Special Forces trainers put contestants to the ultimate test of will power, strength of mind and physical endurance.


October 23 2020

In a major breakthrough for reality TV production, Cutting Edge Technical Services [CETS] helped ITV America’s ITV Entertainment deliver the second season of Love Island (USA) from COVID lockdown. Love Island, like a lot of productions and events, met many obstacles in 2020. Initially scheduled for production on location in Fiji, pandemic-induced travel restrictions meant the ITV team needed to rethink how and where the show could be produced. ITV America’s Executive Vice President of Post Operations & Technology Danielle DiStefano oversaw post production on the project from conception to delivery and says every department faced “huge challenges” in creating and delivering the show during a pandemic. “Our biggest hurdle was how to enable our teams to work together and deliver shows in a short turnaround, while working remotely,” DiStefano said. The production made the decision to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada, occupying a number of spaces at Caesars hotel venues, including…

Zenon and Ian Talk Character Design

March 26 2020

Creative Director, Zenon Kohler, and Animation Director, Ian Anderson, are expert character designers having created beloved characters for Australian brands. We spoke with the guys about how they approach designing a character.   As a duo you have designed dozens of successful commercial characters including Wally (Rugby Australia), Steve (Betadine) and Borobi (Commonwealth Games). What’s the secret behind your partnership? Ian: I like to think we bring the best out in each other. We challenge each other as we strive for unique and fresh designs. But he’s still a dickhead.  Zenon: In a nutshell, our skill sets complement each other. We’ve worked together for nearly 10 years and when you collaborate with anyone for that long, you develop a kind of shorthand, a mutual respect for each others’ creative contribution to a project. Plus I say something nice and he calls me a dickhead.   What makes for ‘good’ character…