/AR Experiences to Peak Your ‘Curiocity’

April 1 2019

Curiocity Brisbane, is a series of public immersive, interactive and multi-sensory experiences installed across Brisbane city. For 20 days one-of-a-kind installations, pop-ups and interactive spaces crafted by local and international artists, and technicians will be on display. Each installment celebrates art and science, with visitors of all ages playing among a gallery of interactive creations, augmented reality (AR) spaces and music pop-ups.

Inaugural Guest Director of Curiocity Brisbane and Brisbane Powerhouse Artistic Director Kris Stewart said Curiocity Brisbane brings an undeniable ‘wow’ factor to Brisbane’s parks, terraces and riverbanks.

“From a pedal-powered aerial screw and giant musical waveform, to giant astronauts scaling buildings and a moving sculpture with 2500 reflective fish, there’s a Curiocity to challenge and spark everyone’s imagination,” said Kris.

One of the festival’s central contributors, Tori-Jay Mordey, is a local contemporary artist based in Brisbane. She worked alongside artists at post-production studio, Cutting Edge to offer up AR art installations. The pieces spark the imagination and encourage visitors to embrace their curiosity about science and innovation.

Tori-Jay explains, “The fact that this event encourages the inner child-like wonder we all have, and also that this is a great platform for artists to really showcase their work to the general public is great. It develops a nice interactive relationship between artists and the city.”

Brisbane Artist, Tori-Jay Mordey, contributed 15 interactive art installations in collaboration with Cutting Edge.

She continues, “I had the honour of illustrating 10 out of the 15 interactive pieces for Curiocity that were my own interpretations of the sculptures, which were then animated and brought to life by the Cutting Edge team in Brisbane.”

“My aim was to not make it so literal, I really wanted these illustrations to hold their own when put beside these wonderful sculptures – I wanted to create a world within their world.”

Helping to create this immersive world, was Cutting Edge’s creative team, who assisted in bringing her art to life through AR.

Cutting Edge’s Creative Director, Zenon Kohler tells us, “Our design team is a talented bunch who jump at this kind of work. As we like to say, we are “creatively bred, technically led” so they’re always eager to embrace the latest technologies.

Zenon explains, “We love what Tori-Jay envisioned and it was a pleasure to animate her illustrations. And as always, it’s so satisfying to see what we can achieve through immersive content.”

Tori-Jay was impressed with the final interactive spaces adding, “It’s mind-blowing honestly. It always amazes me what technology is capable of.”

Curiocity runs from 15 March till 3 April at selected sites across Brisbane city.