/Advil Virtual World

A fully CG virtual reality experience forms part of the high-energy rebrand campaign, ‘Virtual World’ for Pfizer Advil.

The two minute VR film created for the Samsung Gear headset lets people experience the benefits of Advil first hand, inviting them into a high stakes, hyper-real ride that leaves pain for dead. The campaign also includes a combined CGI and live-action commercial and seamless 360 online video. Cutting Edge Director and VFX Supervisor Simon Maddison, led both the VR experience and TVC. Cutting Edge created a virtual environment with over 3,500 frames of liquid, moving mountains made up of two million fully reflective blocks and crystal simulations delivered in stunning 4K. The team used the latest 3D scanning technology available to build a bespoke proxy motorbike that was proportionally correct to the design, allowing them to direct real performances of turning, accelerating and stopping that was then transferred to the digital double.

“The TVC lent itself perfectly to virtual reality; the viewer is the rider, racing through a fully CG world, smashing through pain 'crystals' as the environment constantly builds and moves around them”

Simon Maddison / VFX Supervisor, Cutting Edge

“Working with Simon Maddison and the team at Cutting Edge has been a fantastic experience and from the treatment to the production they have over delivered with their creativity and effort”

Matt Kemsley / Founder, Matterhorn Advertising