Based on true events, Jungle (2017) is an action/adventure/drama survival story, set in the heart of the Amazonian forest.

As four travelers set-off on a dream expedition, their trip of a lifetime quickly becomes one of their worst nightmares.

With tight scheduling and delivery timeframes the post production team delivered dailies, editorial, online, grade, QC and delivery. Furthermore, Cutting Edge was the lead VFX vender, transforming Queensland, Australia’s Mt Tamborine into the Colombian rainforest.

For more read the VFX case study here.

“The production and post production of Jungle was genuinely one of the most satisfying film making experiences of my career”

Mike Gabrawy / Producer & CCO, Arclight Films

“Marrying the Aussie crew with the Colombian crew to realize an inspiring true story was incredibly rewarding and the team at Cutting Edge were very much a part of the Jungle family”

Mike Gabrawy / Producer & CCO, Arclight Films

With a number of stakeholders involved in the review process – across Australia & Columbia – editorial changes were expedited to deliver to schedule. Working with critically acclaimed Director, Greg McLean, the door was opened for creative consultation for Cutting Edge’s artists.

We additionally supplied the opening titles and end credits, alongside 100 VFX shots that included creature work, set extensions and design heavy effects.



Production Agency
Arclight Productions
Babber Films
Screen Australia
Screen Queensland
Batrax Entertainment
Front Row Filmed Entertainment
Momentum Pictures
Signature Entertainment
Splendid Film
Umbrella Entertainment


Greg McLean
Director of Photography
Stefan Duscio
Executive Producer
Yossi Ghinsberg
Greg McLean
Mike Gabrawy


Post Production
Cutting Edge
Head of Post Production
Marcus Bolton
Post Producer
Stewart Dean
Dani Gard
Sally Wortley
Sean Lahiff
Online Editor
Christian Alcock


VFX Supervisor
Bryn Morrow
Adrian Hauser
Title Design
Zenon Kohler
QC & Deliverables
Christian Alcock
John Warneke
Daniel Scott
Rory Rea
Media Operator
Patrick Buckley