/No Activity

Produced by Jungle FTV and Sunblock Studios for distribution by Stan, No Activity follows the peripheral players in a major police sting operation.

During the 12 by 23 minute episodes, the day-to-day realities of cops and criminals are brought to life by some of Australia’s best comic actors, Genevieve Morris and Darren Gilshenan.

To deliver No Activity, Cutting Edge provided dailies management, conform, grade, online, QC, and deliverables. A two-pronged approach was implemented by Cutting Edge to reconstruct a studio shoot, and replicate as a full-location shoot using rear projection plates, rushes filmed overseas, and on-set set studio filming. The pre-shoot, which comprised all the background rear projections plates, required just as much post support with the dailies managed, edited, graded and sent to online prior to being used on-set in studio. 

In studio, rear projection screens were situated around vehicles, creating a set where the characters are on surveillance in the streets of Sydney. While the characters were filmed on the soundstage, the background projection plates were carefully considered during the edit, while being graded in accordance with what was happening in the script. Additionally, while No Activity required ultra high definition UHD delivery with 5.1 audio for Stan, our post production team adapted existing HD workflows to accommodate for storage, export and render time.

Our Sound Designers, Simon Hicks and Michael Newton, were able to bring an energetic soundscape to lift the show so that it could be larger than life, adding dynamism to support the humour.

“ The Cutting Edge team’s commitment and expertise delivered impressive and cinematic work, for both platform and genre, whilst adhering to the budget”

Chloe Rickard / Partner & Head of Production, Jungle FTV

Chloe Rickard, Partner/Head of Production at Jungle explained, “Cutting Edge partnered with Jungle from the very beginning of No Activity, Stan’s first original commission, for what was an experimental yet restricted budget project. The Cutting Edge team’s commitment and expertise delivered impressive and cinematic work, for both platform and genre, whilst adhering to the budget. The icing on the cake was we even got VIP upgrades to review sound in their 7.1 theatrette!”

Since it’s release No Activity has been adapted in the USA by Will Ferrell’s production company for CBS All Access.



Production Agency
Jungle FTV
Sunblock Studios
Jungle FTV
1 & 2


Trent O'Donnell


Post Production
Cutting Edge
Post Producer
Stewart Dean
Amelia Ford
Gabriel Dowrick
Paul Swain
Online Editor
Jo Spillane
Dwaine Hyde


Sound Supervisor
Simon Hicks
Re-Recording Mixer
Michael Newton
Sound Editor
James Andrews
QC & Deliverables
John Warneke
Media Operator
Rory Rea
Daniel Scott