/Top of the Lake: China Girl

Top of the Lake: China Girl is a television crime/mystery/drama series that set in the wake of the devastating events from Season One.

After close collaboration with the series Directors and Producers, our team completed conform, grade, online, and deliverables.

Requiring synchronicity between post production, Post-Supervisors and supporting vendors, delivering Top of the Lake: China Girl was an intricate operation. Helping set the atmosphere of creative collaboration was Adrian Hauser, Head of Colour at Cutting Edge. From a Colourist’s perspective, creating and maintaining a look for urban central Sydney meant we could build on-set monitoring and LUTs to reduce the perceived harshness of the Australian light, applying a subtle filmic colour palette to the editorial rushes.

“Marcus, Adrian, Jo and the whole team at Cutting Edge were always there for us on Top Of The Lake: China Girl. They went above and beyond with their post-supervision and technical expertise”

Libby Sharpe / Head of Production, See-Saw Films

China Girl upped the ante on finish and delivery complexity, for a television series. Unprecedentedly, Cutting Edge delivered to seven broadcasters across five continents for both cinema and television deliveries. With variations in masters required by international and Australian distributors our online artist, Jo Spillane, and media operations team delivered over 50 versions for BBCTX, UKTV, BBC FIRST, BBCWW, Sundance/AMC and Foxtel.

Our Post Producer, Online Artists, and Colourist managed the workflow for multiple versions, juggling colour and online pipelines, vendor VFX deliveries, and sound mixes to meet distributor requirements. Multiple digital cinema packages for festival screenings were also created and delivered.

This was the most complicated, varied and numerous deliveries completed for an Australian television drama in Cutting Edge’s history; a challenge we relished.




Production Agency
See-Saw Films
Arte & Arte Video
Atlantic Film
AXN Mystery
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
BBC Worldwide
Sundance Channel
Foxtel / BBC First


Jane Campion
Ariel Kleiman
Director of Photography
Germain McMicking
Head of Production
Libby Sharpe


Post Production
Cutting Edge
Head of Post Production
Marcus Bolton
Post Producer
Jo Tankard
Alexandre de Franceschi
Online Editor
Jo Spillane


Adrian Hauser
Sound House
Sonar Sound
Slate VFX
QC & Deliverables
John Warneke
Rory Rea
Daniel Scott