/Dreamworld’s Sky Voyager

November 27 2019

This year Dreamworld launched a new $17m theatre ride. The ride is an immersive live-action 4K adventure, which uses motion-programmed seating and special sensory effects to give riders the experience of flying over famous locations. We have had the pleasure of delivering full production and post for multiple i-Ride films, including Dreamworld’s ‘Sky Voyager’. 

The i-Ride theatre is an immersive experience that gives riders the sensation of flying through some of the world’s most incredible scenery. i-Ride theatres feature dome shaped projections designed to fill the riders field of view, enclosing them in the experience. Riders are suspended in seats that follow the vision to give the sense of soaring through the sky.

Sky Voyager allows riders to experience the sensation of wingsuiting through Tasmanian mountain passes, parasailing over the Whitsundays, hot air ballooning over the Barossa Valley, soaring over the Twelve Apostles, and helicopter mustering cattle outback Australia.