/Lead Animator Matt Dye, is on a Mission to Develop Cutting Edge’s CG Offering

February 8 2018

Lead Animator Matt Dye, is on a Mission to Develop Cutting Edge’s CG Offering

Long time Cutting Edge Animator and former BADC President, Matt Dye, will grow the studio’s shortform CG offering. As the Lead Animator, he has long championed Cutting Edge’s Design and VFX Department, and will now expand the team and introduce a greater number of clients to the team’s resources.

“We have something special. I know that we have the creative team the industry is crying out for right now. It is the right time to introduce more people to what we do,” says Dye.

Matt explains that developing client projects is a serious responsibility.

“It takes a leap of faith to hand over your creative concept. To say ‘here take my baby and turn it into something remarkable’. But this is what the guys have been doing, and the results are consistently highly creative and impressive.”

Dye’s animation and CG background means he is able to build both the team and the technical requirements.  

“My new responsibilities will see technical innovations brought to our pipeline, an expanded team, and a reinforced focus on creative quality. We are finding new ways to execute creativity with increased efficiency. This is how we are able to offer our clients such impressive value,” stated Dye.

Matt will also continue to oversee projects as Lead Animator. “At the end of the day I am an Animator. I love being on the tools and being embedded in a project. I will be on the ground nurturing client work, developing the team, and working closely with our Supervisors and Producers to continue to exceed the expectations of our clients.”

Matt is available to collaborate with agencies to identify how to best execute their creative.

To get in touch with Matt and explore what the team can bring to your next project call +61 7 3013 6222 or email [email protected]