CEX Art Auction Raises Funds For Charity

April 23 2018

Last Thursday evening post production studio Cutting Edge hosted the first CEX charity art auction, raising much needed funds to help young Aussies with high care needs. The CEX art challenge involved the transformation of bowling pins into works of art. Members of Brisbane’s advertising community heeded the call, lending their creativity and donating unique pieces. Contributions came from Cutting Edge, as well as freelance artists, and Brisbane agencies, BCM, ClemengerBBDO, Y&R ANZ, and PublisicQ. “Every artist created something unique. The contributors were advertising creatives who have different backgrounds and disciplines. We had Creative Directors, Animators, VFX Artists and Copywriters and it was fascinating to see how highly individual the result were,” explained our own Creative Director, Zenon Kohler. The bowling pin is a peculiarly shaped cultural icon that is steeped in nostalgia. It was a unique canvas that attracted a crowd of more than 150 art enthusiasts on auction…

Art of DI: Adrian Hauser Showreel Release

March 23 2018

New Release: Check-out the latest showreel release from Cutting Edge Colourist, Adrian Hauser. After a busy 12 months in features & television, Cutting Edge Colourist Adrian Hauser, showcases his latest colour & DI work in a brand new showreel. In the new release, Adrian exhibits work for feature projects such as Winchester (Blacklab Entertainment), 2:22 (Walk the Walk Entertainment), Swinging Safari (Piccadilly Films), Jungle (Arclight Films) and Top of the Lake: China Girl (See-Saw Films). Watch the reel to see Adrian’s compilation of his finest Colour & DI work to date.

CEX: A Charity Art Challenge

March 12 2018

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a unique charity art exhibition and auction, with all proceeds going to Youngcare. Titled ‘CEX’, the project challenged members of Brisbane advertising’s community to transform an ordinary bowling pin into a work of art. The results have been both varied and spectacular, demonstrating the unique points-of-view from artists who work across different mediums and advertising professions. “Brisbane has one of Australia’s most impressive advertising communities. The ideas and artistry that come from this town are some of the best in the country. We pitched the challenge and artists enthusiastically jumped at the chance to get involved and support young Australians with high care needs,” explains Blaize Bennett of Cutting Edge. On the evening of April 19, Cutting Edge, will display and auction bowling pins which were distributed amongst Brisbane advertising’s best minds with the instruction, “make art.” Creatives from Cutting…

Lead Animator Matt Dye, is on a Mission to…

February 8 2018

Lead Animator Matt Dye, is on a Mission to Develop Cutting Edge’s CG Offering Long time Cutting Edge Animator and former BADC President, Matt Dye, will grow the studio’s shortform CG offering. As the Lead Animator, he has long championed Cutting Edge’s Design and VFX Department, and will now expand the team and introduce a greater number of clients to the team’s resources. “We have something special. I know that we have the creative team the industry is crying out for right now. It is the right time to introduce more people to what we do,” says Dye. Matt explains that developing client projects is a serious responsibility. “It takes a leap of faith to hand over your creative concept. To say ‘here take my baby and turn it into something remarkable’. But this is what the guys have been doing, and the results are consistently highly creative and impressive.”…


January 25 2018

Cutting Edge is pleased to announce Michelle McGilvray has joined the editorial team. Michelle’s appointment as Editor further strengthens the editorial offering. Prior to Cutting Edge, Michelle began her obsession with all things editing at Chop Shop Post. Michelle is a natural storyteller, and after spending the past five years in the edit suite, her passion for the craft is evident in each project.  Fostering work through a collaborative approach, Michelle has worked with brands such as RACQ, UBet, AirAsia and Ergon Energy. Cutting Edge EP, Trelise Blade explains, “We are thrilled that Michelle has joined us. She’s talented, creative and an expert storyteller. She’s a great fit for the team.” It was Michelle’s ambition for creating powerful content drew her to pursue a position with Cutting Edge. “Connection is key to any good story and I thrive on injecting that raw emotion into all my work”, Michelle said. “Everyone…

Cutting Edge Lands a Whale in Swinging Safari

January 18 2018

Cutting Edge completed 239 VFX shots and full post-production on Director Stephan Elliott’s tongue-in-cheek coming of age drama, Swinging Safari. It’s mid-1970s Australia, during a period of bad hair, bad style, bad choices and good times. A local beach town suddenly finds itself in the spotlight after the body of a 200-tonne blue whale washes ashore. As 14-year old Jeff tries to find his feet in a world changing faster than his hormones, his eccentric parents are catching up with the sexual revolution that has also washed up on Australia’s beaches. And just like the decaying whale, it’s all about to go spectacularly wrong. Director Stephan Elliott of A Few Best Men and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert fame, gives audiences a cheeky take on the era of his childhood. Cutting Edge helped re-create 1970’s Australia; a time of sunbaking in baby oil, boxed wine and the…

Swinging Safari’s World Premiere

December 13 2017

The 1970s nostalgic Australian comedy, Swinging Safari, celebrated its world release this week and the Cutting Edge team let the good times roll at Sydney’s Moore Park premiere. From the mind of writer-director Stephan Elliott (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert), Swinging Safari features an all-star Australian cast including Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue, Asher Keddie, Julian McMahon, Radha Mitchell and Jeremy Sims. Set in mid-’70s Australia, in a period of bad hair, bad style, bad choices and good times, a 200-tonne blue whale is washed up on a local beach, and the kids think it’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened in Australia. Meanwhile behind closed doors of a classic suburban cul-de-sac – and the sexual promiscuity of their parents – the mums and dads celebrate in other ways by joining the sexual revolution. However, just like the rotting whale, it’s all about to go spectacularly wrong. Picture…

Cutting Edge Delivers a New Kind of VR Experience

December 7 2017

Cutting Edge has delivered a world first VR theme park ride for Brogent Technologies. Brogent Technologies is a world-leading producer of innovative theme park attractions. Titled ‘Q-Ride’, the virtual reality ride debuted at the IAAPA Attractions Expo held in Orlando, USA. Cutting Edge’s team created a virtual reality experience that used the innovative technology to create a breathtaking underwater experience. Q-Ride features a 360-degree view with unique vision dependant upon where the participant is seated. The movement of the seats is synched with the vision to enhance the experience. “Our ride controls the motion and guests have the freedom to choose where they look,” explains Andy Kiang, Director of Innovation for Brogent Technologies. Cutting Edge’s Director of Creativity & Innovation, Benjamin Richards tell us, “It’s a fascinating immersive experience. Q-Ride transports people to an underwater world where they are up close with ultra-realistic marine life. Because the motion is so…

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Final Ticket Release

November 22 2017

November marked a major milestone for Cutting Edge with Production, Post and VFX departments collaborating on the latest Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games TVC campaign. While Edge Studio coordinated the epic one day studio shoot with 30 talent and 15 crew – alongside our clients from Y&R and GOLDOC – Cutting Edge put in the hours on the creative treatment, for the GC2018 Final Ticket Release campaign. Directed by Grant Marshall and filmed by John Stokes ACS, our challenge was to mix stock imagery with live action footage.

Global Edge: The Rise of VFX in Australia

November 8 2017

Australian VFX companies have burst their way into Hollywood, building a reputation for impressive creativity and quality. In an industry once dominated by studios in California and Canada, emerging players from Australia are finding increasing success on some of the biggest features of recent years. Features & Television Business Development Manager, Elle Croxford, provides insight into the recent rise of visual effects within Australia. “Australians certainly aren’t new to VFX or post. As Cutting Edge celebrates 25 years in business, we have been delivering for US productions for over 20 of those years,” Elle explains. “Since then we’ve seen lots of change – the technology advancements have been huge. There’s a larger dependency on VFX; budgetary spends have gotten bigger, yet more constrained and ever-thirsty for rebates; risk management and content security have become more important; and now, with the juggernaut of the television resurgence, Cutting Edge has dedicated ourselves…