/NITV Introduces Feature Documentary Wik Vs QLD

June 25 2018

Exhibiting powerful insight into the High Court’s decision to grant native title to the Wik people in 1996, Cutting Edge alongside NITV present the dramatic political and cultural fallout that followed the landmark case.

This feature documentary surrounds the historical High Court decision granting native title to the Wik People of Cape York. With unique access to the key players of that moment in history, we follow the demonisation that ensued at the hands of politicians and media, throughout one of Queensland’s most tumultuous times in history.

Launching at Sydney’s Film Festival, Cutting Edge provided picture and sound post services to share the very personal story of the Wik people. The documentary was produced in conjunction with Bent3Land Productions, Bacon Factory Films and Freshwater Pictures.

Wik Vs QLD premieres 8.30pm Sunday July 8 on NITV.