Sci-fi Horror, ‘Decommissioned’ was a finalist in Unreal Engine’s Short Film Challenge.

The Cutting Edge team worked alongside Perception Pictures to create, short film challenge entry, ‘Decommissioned’. 

‘Decommissioned’ tells the story of Specialist Diaz, an astronaut aboard an International Space Station who experiences a supernatural event. 

The Cutting Edge Post team helped configure and create the Unreal scenery in ‘Decommissioned’. We used the Unreal Engine and in-camera virtual production with rear projection to create a space and space station environment. 


We started work on this project in early 2020, after Perception Pictures pitched the concept of the short film in the Unreal Engine Short Film challenge. 

Over 1,800 participants took part in the initial learning and pitching stage of the challenge. They learned the Unreal engine and then teamed up for the pitches. 

Sixteen of the best pitches were awarded $20,000 AUS and given just six weeks to make it all happen. 

With a challenge and a deadline, our team got ready and excited to experiment with Unreal to create something incredible.

Check out what we achieved here!