/Underworld: Blood Wars


Cutting Edge completed 180 shots for Underworld: Blood Wars. The fifth installment in the popular franchise sees main character, Selene return once more to face brutal battles with both vampires and lycans.

Cutting Edge’s VFX team was called upon to raise the visual spectacle of multiple scenes throughout the supernatural action film. The high impact scenes including large scale battles filled with UV bullets, disintegrating vampires, digital blood and debris, and supernatural teleportation.

“"We had to track every element of clothing, skin and even hair so that we could later rip it apart."”

Rangi Sutton / VFX Supervisor

On top of traditional tracking techniques we had to come up with a whole new suite of tools to enable the match move artists to follow the actors’ movements. Each actor had to be meticulously modelled, textured and rigged for fast turnaround so we adapted our rigging pipeline.