/Roll Call 2022

February 1 2022

We’re back! Bring It On!

Well, we are well and truly back on the grind for 2022 and with the start of the year we have some new faces, some old faces and some returning faces

Previously on Keeping Up with Cutting Edge…

In Front of House we have welcomed the lovely Shani Mcleod who has taken over from Hayley Dell after she made the move to PA for the directors! Shani joins us from across the ditch and despite what Trelise thinks about how noticeable her accent is… we now have another kiwi in the office!

Speaking of Trelise, she is back from maternity leave! HUZZAH! It is so good to have her back as Executive Producer. Here is an absolutely necessary photo of beloved Billie Blade:

As some of you know, while T was away the lovely Lucy Hazell came into facilities to lend a hand on some projects and because she absolutely killed it we had to keep her in facilities. She will be working closely beside Trelise Congratulations Luce!

Our other star producer, Samara Keune has come back full-time this year—5 days of Marzi a week… yes please!

The fabulous PJ has re-joined the Cutting Edge team after 5 years. PJ clearly missed us dearly and couldn’t bear another minute away from the Producer Room! Welcome back aboard old friend.

Speaking of rejoining the team, Glenn Cone has come back to us. Glenn is working in a Flame/Finishing Duo alongside Steve Leacey to become CE’s very own Batman and Robin!  We will let you decide who is who 😉

On that note, you are all up-to-date with us! We’re bigger, better and stronger than ever. Bring on 2022—warts and all !!!