/scUber Gave Us the Ride of a Lifetime

We had the pleasure of assisting Publicis Worldwide with a global campaign designed to drive awareness of the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef and increase visitation.

In a collaboration with Tourism and Events Queensland and Uber, lucky riders had the chance to cruise around the Great Barrier Reef in a submarine. The Reef is well known for its beauty and this was an opportunity to experience its rich marine life from the comfort of a ride sharing service.

The Cutting Edge team created an on-location post production hub on Heron Island to facilitate the creation of content as events unfolded. Editorial was run around the clock in 24 shifts ensuring we captured and shared the once-in-a-lifetime scUber experience.

The campaign was a great idea, executed well, and went on to take out ‘Best in Show’ at this year’s BADC Awards.