September 14 2018

A recent collaboration with CJZ and Director Mark Joffe, saw Cutting Edge deliver sound and picture post, including full deliverables, for the true story of Australia’s iconic rock star – Jimmy Barnes.

Based on the acclaimed memoir of the same name, Jimmy Barnes’ Working Class Boy is taking the Australian box office by storm as the largest cinematic release ever for a home-grown documentary. Delving deep into the cultural background and family history that shaped the musician, the documentary is powerful and confronting. Through the exploration of Jimmy’s childhood, Working Class Boy reveals the man behind Australia’s most iconic band of the 80’s, Cold Chisel. It’s a story that bares experiences of poverty, alcoholism, and domestic violence, and the profound effect it had on his music.

As the commercial success of Working Class Boy continues, the film is making waves amongst the cinema and television arts community. This month, Working Class Boy received its first shortlist nomination for 2018’s AACTA Awards for Best Feature Length Documentary.

Edited by Mark Perry, the documentary is a captivating examination and exposé of Barnes’ younger years through interviews, archival footage, musical performances and the touring stage show of the biography in Australia and Scotland. A key challenge the post team experienced with Working Class Boy – like any documentary – is matching different cameras and DP styles across the new and historic footage. Cutting Edge Colourist, Adrian Hauser explained his role in the feature doco was to collate an extensive range of footage into one cohesive piece.

“Degraded textures and oddly discolored palettes from the archive material, guided the color narrative for Jimmy’s recounting of his imperfect childhood that blended the mix of media”

Adrian Hauser / Colourist, Cutting Edge

Barnes’ story is nothing if not inspiring. It’s an intimate, raw and moving journey, which has received great reviews from critics and the entertainment industry nationwide. 

Working Class Boy is distributed by Universal PicturesWatch the trailer here.