Director Cameron March
 talks ‘And The Winner Is…’

October 17 2018

And The Winner Is… is a compelling and tense short film from Director Cameron March, which recently premiered in LA at the Chinese Theatre as part of Screamfest. Set in a near future, the film follows a disgraced sports star named Stanley who seeks redemption. His forgiveness must be earned and what begins as a seemingly light-hearted game descends into a living nightmare. Stanley’s pushed beyond his limits and it will be society that decides if he will be granted immunity from his past transgressions. The film’s post production was completed at Cutting Edge, and we sat with Cameron to discuss his film and the production process.


September 14 2018

A recent collaboration with CJZ and Director Mark Joffe, saw Cutting Edge deliver sound and picture post, including full deliverables, for the true story of Australia’s iconic rock star – Jimmy Barnes. Based on the acclaimed memoir of the same name, Jimmy Barnes’ Working Class Boy is taking the Australian box office by storm as the largest cinematic release ever for a home-grown documentary. Delving deep into the cultural background and family history that shaped the musician, the documentary is powerful and confronting. Through the exploration of Jimmy’s childhood, Working Class Boy reveals the man behind Australia’s most iconic band of the 80’s, Cold Chisel. It’s a story that bares experiences of poverty, alcoholism, and domestic violence, and the profound effect it had on his music. As the commercial success of Working Class Boy continues, the film is making waves amongst the cinema and television arts community. This month, Working Class…

A Ticket to the Power Ball

May 18 2018

Cutting Edge recently partnered with Y&R and Photoplay’s Lance Kelleher to deliver a vibrant and playful campaign for Powerball. The spot takes the viewer deep inside the ‘The Power Ball’, a party where Powerball winners from different walks of life meet and celebrate their win in their own unique way.