Zenon and Ian Talk Character Design

March 26 2020

Creative Director, Zenon Kohler, and Animation Director, Ian Anderson, are expert character designers having created beloved characters for Australian brands. We spoke with the guys about how they approach designing a character.   As a duo you have designed dozens of successful commercial characters including Wally (Rugby Australia), Steve (Betadine) and Borobi (Commonwealth Games). What’s the secret behind your partnership? Ian: I like to think we bring the best out in each other. We challenge each other as we strive for unique and fresh designs. But he’s still a dickhead.  Zenon: In a nutshell, our skill sets complement each other. We’ve worked together for nearly 10 years and when you collaborate with anyone for that long, you develop a kind of shorthand, a mutual respect for each others’ creative contribution to a project. Plus I say something nice and he calls me a dickhead.   What makes for ‘good’ character…

Play Is Serious

March 30 2020

In just a few short days the team at Cutting Edge turned around a cute animated spot for the Children’s Hospital Foundation. The project shines a spotlight on an important cause amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a reminder not to forget those most vulnerable during the crisis.  Long, tough, scary days just got a whole lot harder for sick kids in hospital because of COVID-19. The Children’s Hospital Foundation works wonders by funding life-saving medical research, investing in vital new equipment, and providing support and entertainment for children and their families. “We know that now is an important time to help give voice to causes such as this one”, says Creative Director, Zenon Kohler. “The work the Children’s Hospital Foundation does is hugely important, perhaps now more important than ever,” added Ian Anderson, Animation Director at Cutting Edge. Connor Anderson composed a track for the project, giving the spot the…

The Invisible Man

March 20 2020

We delivered over 300 VFX shots for Director Leigh Whannell’s recent hit, ‘The Invisible Man’. The film’s a haunting take on domestic abuse and shines a spotlight on often unseen violence. It’s a theme that sets an unsettling tone. The Invisible man stars Elisabeth Moss, and is full of thrills. The tension, suspense and action are all brought together with the help of great VFX. Cutting Edge was the VFX lead vendor, and Supervisor Jonathan Dearing led the team to create a scary and often unseen tormentor.  The Invisible Man is now in cinemas and available through streaming services.