Cutting Edge’s VFX Team Reboots Classic Slasher Halloween

October 26 2018

CUTTING EDGE was the sole VFX supplier on Halloween (2018), their third feature film project for US Studios, Blumhouse & Universal, to a record breaking first weekend of $80M US. While Halloween (2018) marks the eleventh film in the franchise, it is a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s original 1978 classic, and sees Jamie Lee Curtis return as Laurie Strode.

Cutting Edge welcomes today’s rebate announcement by the Queensland…

October 18 2018

Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, announced a state based Post Production, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) cash rebate of 10%, replacing the previous grant. When combined with the Federal Government PDV Offset of 30%, a total rebate of 40% is available, and the lower Aussie dollar (currently $1.00 USD buys $1.38 AUD), it is beneficial for Post and VFX to done in Queensland (regardless of where the project is shot). The new rebate is for qualifying productions working in Queensland with Cutting Edge or other Queensland PDV providers: Eligible formats include: feature films, telemovies, miniseries, and television series (including documentary, reality, animation and live action). Minimum spend in Queensland $500,000 AUD No cap Cash rebate paid to the production company Can be combined with federal government incentives (Location Offset and Producer Offset) No cultural or content tests Cutting Edge is Queensland’s largest post production and VFX studio with facilities in Brisbane…

The Spierig Brothers Gain An Edge

November 5 2018

Having completed Winchester with Cutting Edge, Filmmakers Peter and Michael Spierig share their experiences. The Spierig Brothers and Cutting Edge have been collaborating on films since Peter and Michael directed their debut film, ‘Undead’ back in 2003. They continued to bring their post production to Cutting Edge with ‘Daybreakers’ (2010), and ‘Predestination’ (2014), both starring Ethan Hawke, and most recently Winchester (2018) with Helen Mirren. It’s a 15 year-long partnership resulting in an impressive body of work. As Michael Spierig explained, “Cutting Edge have always supported us from day one. Filmmaking is a collaboration, and post production is the last rewrite you get to do on your project. When you get to share that rewrite with people you trust and believe in, it only elevates the material.” We chatted the Michael Spierig about their take on post production and what it’s like to work with Cutting Edge.