Annuli: Double-Blind No.2

December 11 2019

The Double-Blind Experiments is a creative collective of VFX artists and sound designers who embarked on a quest to explore the depths of their own creativity. When they set off on each experiment they have no idea where they will end up or what they are creating. On their second outing they flipped the project on its head, changing the rules to see what it would mean to the end result. They assembled an expanded team of very talented people and got to work.  Annuli is the second experiment and follows the success of Double-Blind No.1. The first experiment was created by five VFX artists, a sound designer and editor from post house, Cutting Edge. Freeing the artists from the constraints of a client brief, they were able to find individual inspiration. Each artist followed their instincts, creating their own shots in isolation of the rest of the team. When…