Roll Call 2022

February 1 2022

We’re back! Bring It On! Well, we are well and truly back on the grind for 2022 and with the start of the year we have some new faces, some old faces and some returning faces Previously on Keeping Up with Cutting Edge… In Front of House we have welcomed the lovely Shani Mcleod who has taken over from Hayley Dell after she made the move to PA for the directors! Shani joins us from across the ditch and despite what Trelise thinks about how noticeable her accent is… we now have another kiwi in the office! Speaking of Trelise, she is back from maternity leave! HUZZAH! It is so good to have her back as Executive Producer. Here is an absolutely necessary photo of beloved Billie Blade: As some of you know, while T was away the lovely Lucy Hazell came into facilities to lend a hand on some…

TEQ A Beautiful Way / Days Like This

August 27 2021

In search of a place for your next holiday?  The new TEQ brand campaign, Days Like This, shows you exactly where you’ll want to visit. With spectacular outback sights to see and breath-taking coastal locations, the campaign wants to take you everywhere and show you the true nature of the scenery and people in Queensland.

Spring SubBoat

August 23 2021

Is there any better mode of transportation than a GIANT sub? (Asking for a friend).  This quirky commercial was a lot of fun to work on and an even cooler concept to think about the actual creation of the huge Subway sandwich.  Check it out!

Brisbane 2032 Olympics Here We Come! 

August 19 2021

Who could forget helping win the Olympics with Publicis and EKS!  The whole CE team was able to work across the two phases of the Olympic Bid project, some you saw on the big screen and others were for the IOC eyes only. There was a lot that went on behind the scenes, in fact, even the lovely CETS (Cutting Edge Tech Services) got on board, facilitating the all-important initial Bid live stream. While we can’t singlehandedly claim the win of Brisbane’s Olympic bid (as much as we would enjoy the bragging rights), we are incredibly proud to have been involved through the team at Publicis. Big thanks to our amazing team and to Publicis for trusting us to deliver.  See you all in 2032! 

Annuli – Double-Blind No.2 nominated for 2020 Motion Awards

November 5 2020

Motionographer, renowned online Motion Graphics networking platform, nominated the second Double-Blind Experiment for a 2020 Open Format – Experimental Motion Award.  Double Blind No.2  is one of four nominees for this year’s Open Format -Experimental Award. The winner will be announced on 10th December at The Motion Awards LIVE Virtual Event. The LIVE event will stream from the Motion Awards website.


October 23 2020

In a major breakthrough for reality TV production, Cutting Edge Technical Services [CETS] helped ITV America’s ITV Entertainment deliver the second season of Love Island (USA) from COVID lockdown. Love Island, like a lot of productions and events, met many obstacles in 2020. Initially scheduled for production on location in Fiji, pandemic-induced travel restrictions meant the ITV team needed to rethink how and where the show could be produced. ITV America’s Executive Vice President of Post Operations & Technology Danielle DiStefano oversaw post production on the project from conception to delivery and says every department faced “huge challenges” in creating and delivering the show during a pandemic. “Our biggest hurdle was how to enable our teams to work together and deliver shows in a short turnaround, while working remotely,” DiStefano said. The production made the decision to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada, occupying a number of spaces at Caesars hotel venues, including…

CETS left nothing on the field at ‘SAS: Who…

October 23 2020

All stations were a go for the Cutting Edge Technical Services [CETS] crew heading up on-site broadcast, post production and ingest services for Screentime Australia and  Channel 7’s, SAS: Australia production. The Australian franchise of the UK series, SAS: Who Dares Wins is a reality TV show where seventeen celebrities, athletes and stars are challenged to complete SAS selection course training. Special Forces trainers put contestants to the ultimate test of will power, strength of mind and physical endurance.

Play Is Serious

March 30 2020

In just a few short days the team at Cutting Edge turned around a cute animated spot for the Children’s Hospital Foundation. The project shines a spotlight on an important cause amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a reminder not to forget those most vulnerable during the crisis.  Long, tough, scary days just got a whole lot harder for sick kids in hospital because of COVID-19. The Children’s Hospital Foundation works wonders by funding life-saving medical research, investing in vital new equipment, and providing support and entertainment for children and their families. “We know that now is an important time to help give voice to causes such as this one”, says Creative Director, Zenon Kohler. “The work the Children’s Hospital Foundation does is hugely important, perhaps now more important than ever,” added Ian Anderson, Animation Director at Cutting Edge. Connor Anderson composed a track for the project, giving the spot the…