/Tech Services

Over the last decade we have completed more than 40 on-location post-production projects. Cutting Edge provides a raft of technical services from simple logging stations to complete post production workflows, including supply of integrated capture systems, Avid edit suites, logging systems, IT infrastructure, crewing and project management.

Our technical service team have set up complete systems all over the world, including projects located in the middle of the Australian bushland, through to shipping and setting up complete post production infrastructure, along with key personnel to the UK, Spain, Germany, USA, and South Africa. With a wealth of experience, we can configure the right solution to ensure your project hits its on-air deadlines with round-the-clock technical support. Power outages, wild weather, unexpected failures; they’re all a factor of remote production and it’s where our teams shine. We plan for the worst to ensure the production keeps going, no matter what is thrown at us.