/Michael Thomas

Sound Designer

Michael is affectionately known as ‘Mikey T’. He brings a musical ear and technical expertise to every project. As part of our sound offering, he’s armed with a passion for audio and music. With 5 years post experience, he applies a fresh and unique style, pushing boundaries across sound design, mixing, and composing.

Mikey T’s obsession with music provides the backbone for his ability to create compelling soundscapes for television, short films, documentaries, virtual reality content and advertising. His credits span feature documentaries and television programs such as Wik vs. Queensland, Grace Beside Me, and Supernatural Nazis, as well as the ground-breaking VR film, Inside Manus. He has also delivered campaigns for Hallmark Homes, Lucky Lotteries, and RACQ.

“I like to take a fresh approach. I push the boundaries across sound design, mixing, and composing”