/Cutting Edge Producer Call of 2024

January 29 2024

And, we’re back to school!


  • Laptop & phones upgraded and charged
  • Gmail & Google docs opened
  • Schedules & Systems activated
  • Coffee or Margs in hand…depending on what time of the day it is

This year our classroom looks a little different with faces new and old. So, let’s get started with our 2024 Roll Call:

The student becomes the master: Dani Wheelhouse has stepped into a brand new role as our Operations Manager. While Dani will still be around managing projects, she will also be leading our team of artists and ensuring maximum efficiency in the studio. A sucker for a technical challenge, Dani will spearhead complex creative projects and keep us at the Cutting Edge of technological updates (pun intended).  

Holidays are over for Jess Weatherston. After a “chill year” of maternity leave lollygagging with her mate, Henry (LOL), Jess joins Class of 2024. She’s back and raring to sink her teeth into the big juicy apple that is VFX and Design post production. Welcome back Jess! 

The studious Rylee Bannan is hanging around the SQUEAK clique too this year, as our VFX coordinator. Cool kids or Head Boyz, Ian and Z have taken quite the shine to her! 

Next up, Shani McLeod. Smashing her final exams in 2023, Shani McLeod has graduated to Producer. We are stoked for Shani to take on her new role and continue to kick goals and hit career milestones. Congrats Shani! 

Stepping into Shani’s old role as Post Production Assistant is international exchange student, Charlotte Duffy. Charlotte has slotted into the CE Producer team as if she’s been here all along. We can’t wait for you all to meet her. 

Speaking of new students, we have the lovely Susie Doohan taking over Front of House this year. Susie is a massive fan of post production and excited to join this class of fabulous gals.

Carrying on from Class of 2023 your favourite producing team is back.  Trelise Blade, Samara Keune, Lucy Hazell and Sarah Taylor won’t be wagging, perfect attendance only for these superstars… but knowing them there will no doubt be a few after school detentions!

We all know what a tyrant Head Mistress Ratz is.

Well, that’s a wrap on role call. We hope you’re just as keen as us to be back. 

See you ‘round the playground 😉