/Stranger Things Have Happened!

December 13 2022

We’ve seen ‘Stranger Things’ in the studio! 

Big Stranger Things fans, the Squeak Design team were stoked to dive headfirst into The Upside Down and wrangle the fierce Demogorgon to promote the launch of Stranger Things Series 4. 

Showcased in major cities around the world, including New York City, Los Angeles, and Stockholm, the Series 4 promotion needed to tease out the themes of the upcoming season and add to the anticipation of its release.

Joining forces with the team at Mr Positive, our Animation Director, Ian Anderson and the Squeak team honed and crafted the concept, leveraging off the overall global ‘Rift’ campaign. The Rifts, portals to The Upside Down, are a big part of series 4, so recreating the look of this element in the short timeframe was crucial. The concept incorporated iconic elements of The Upside Down and the silhouette of a Demogorgon. The vines and spores paired with the beast tearing through the Rift are instantly recognisable and have a great impact when showcased on the giant screens.

Our crafted animation created the sought-after 3D illusion, considering multiple screen sizes, resolutions, configurations and audience viewing angles. Viewed at specific angles on each unique screen, the audience can see the Demogorgon’s hand reach right out to them. 

All these considerations along with the project material made our task an exciting and challenging one. 

Check out the OOH campaign!



Netflix, By The Network and Mr Positive Tokyo


Animation Director
Ian Anderson
Layout and Animation
Zenon Kohler, Rob Conn and Andrew Kimberley
Cam Wright and Brad Coomber
Cam Wright
Compositing and Motion Graphics
Victor Bandeira
Motion Graphics
Bruno Ribeiro Profeta
VFX Producer
Sarah Burton